This wonderful rhyming tale by J.D. Okoro is brilliantly narrated by voice artist Deborah Dodsworth.

In addition, Rowan Dodsworth provides the voice of the Scruffapillar.

The Scruffapillar has been an honour to work on, as its message is such an important one! Particularly in today’s society. Confidence and self-acceptance are very powerful traits to possess. The Scruffapillar oozes both and gains the respect of the other characters in this wonderful story by J.D. Okoro. Thank you for allowing me to read this story to those you love, I hope it brings a smile to their faces and feeds their love of books!!!

-Deborah Dodsworth

Hi I’m Rowan, I have been really excited about being the Scruffapillar’s voice, I really like how he does not allow the opinions of the other creatures to change his character. He recognises his own strengths and understands why he is, who he is. He is a positive role model for children everywhere. We could all take a leaf from the Scruffapillar’s story. I know I have!

-Rowan Dodsworth

The Audiobook

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