December 2019

This month I’ve been doing author visits at schools. I was invited to present to the pupils of Donnington Park Primary School in London. I also did a focus group with year 6 of St. Monica’s Primary School in Southgate, London. That was excellent as they had a world exclusive of my next two new book releases (Books 3 and 4 – about a newt, and a rat respectively) and got to review the manuscripts and the illustrations. They gave me some great feedback which I took on board and, as a result, I’ve changed a few parts of the text and illustrations. Thanks especially to headteacher Kate Baptiste and teacher Mrs Warrington for all their help.

I’ve been working with Cristiana Rodrigues as she illustrates book 5 which is about crows. Cristiana has also been making those little changes to book 4. Speaking of Books 3 and 4, I’m delighted to say that they have now gone to print. This is the dressing up bit where I get to choose which parts of the book covers are matt, gloss, embossed, gold, and all that.

Ugo Onwutalu, who composed the music for The Scruffapillar, has composed the soundtrack for releases 3 and 4. Sebastian Valencia, who I’ve worked with for a few years now, on both illustration and graphic design is currently producing the animation for release 3.

So much being organised behind the scenes, and my PA Angela Morrison is at the centre of it all, thanks Angela.

Happy Christmas all, 2020 is going to be busy!

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